While you are creating your Workflow, you can set up your engagement settings. You can do so after you've set your touchpoints in the first step of workflow creation.

Step 1. Create a "New Workflow" and add touch points to it and click Next.

Step 2. Now, you have landed on the Workflow setting page. You can set how many contacts you reach per day as well as the schedule of your automated emails.

Step 3. In the Engagement Rules section, you decide what types of engagement you want to follow up with. You can set engagement as a number of email replies, clicks and opens, a certain call disposition, having a meeting scheduled, or all of the above. Once a prospect reaches the desired level of engagement, they are marked as Engaged in the system.

In all scenarios, you have the option to select a bucket to add contacts to once they become engaged. Different types of engagement can be associated with different buckets.
Step 4. The Call Engagement triggers can be set as below:

  1. When phone call is longer then 30 seconds change the status to engage

  2. When call is dispositioned as any of the status shown in the drop-down, the contact status will be changed. For Instance, if call is dispositioned as Meeting Scheduled his engagement status will be Engaged: Meeting Schedule.

Once your prospects engage with your workflows, you'll receive a notification, the contact will be marked as Engaged, and an engagement task will be generated for them.

Once you've set

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