In order to create an automated Workflow in 20 Miles you'll need 3 things:

  1. A Workflow, of course.

  2. Email Templates for automation. (Default templates are already available in your library)

  3. And Buckets to import contacts.

Note: Email templates are only required for automation, you can also setup a manual sequence of tasks without them.

Workflow Creation

  1. Navigate to the "New Workflow" page from the sidebar navigation.

2. Give the Workflow a name and then choose to create a new one or to start with a workflow template called a recipe .

3. Once you've started creating your workflow, your work is automatically saved in a draft on the 'Workflows' page, even if you close the browser. You could leave workflow creation to make an email template for a touchpoint right after you make it, for example.

4. Four types of touchpoints can be added: Automated Email, Manual Email, Call and Custom. All touchpoints (besides automated emails) will generate the appropriate tasks for you to complete. Custom touchpoints allow you to write instructions for non call/email tasks like connecting on Linkedin.

5. You can add multiple touches and also add wait days in between the touches. Once you've finished setting up your touchpoints, click "Next".

6. The final step of workflow creation is the Workflow Settings page. Here you can set details like delivery schedule, how many prospects to contact daily, and which types of engagement to follow up on. (You can learn all about engagement settings and tasks here)

7. Once you've finished tweaking your settings, you're ready to add the workflow to a Bucket to import contacts!

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