1- Create a Workflow called New Sales Process and add touchpoints.

2- In the Reassignment Tab, click Select Bucket. Add a Shared Bucket for Reassignment called Prospect Bucket.

You can attach Private/Shared buckets to your Workflow. After 48 hours if the contact was not engaged, they will automatically move to the assigned bucket.

3- Now your colleague(sub-user of the same company) creates a Workflow called Prospect Workflow and assign it to Prospect Bucket.

4- The contacts will then be recycled to the Prospect Bucket and the new Workflow Prospect Workflow will be initiated.

You can continue to build this type of workflow out by choosing a new bucket in the Reassignment section of the Prospect Workflow and if there is a workflow attached then it will trigger that.

Note: The user who creates the workflow and attaches it to the shared bucket that is the user on whose name the workflow will be sent.

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