We are introducing two new types of workflows that will replace the current workflow creation process: By Day and By Date. These new workflow types will give you more control over your cadences and allow you to be more specific with your touchpoints.

By Day

In by day workflows, the process is identical to the original workflow type. However, there is one major change: Tasks for the next touchpoint will not be generated until the previous task is completed except the first touchpoint. As a result, by day workflows can be stopped and started without disrupting your tasks, including automated emails.

To allow control over the days your tasks are generated, you can set your availability with Business Hours and Holidays in your User Settings. Tasks for by day workflows will be only generated on the days that you are available. You will still be able to complete tasks which are not completed on time, on days that you are unavailable.

By Date

By date workflows allow you to create time sensitive campaigns for complete control over your cadences. In addition to choosing specific dates and times for your touchpoints, you are able to create multiple touchpoints for a single date. Once you’ve selected a date and time you’ll be able to select a task for your touchpoint.

By date workflows are also affected by your business hours and selected holidays. These dates will be disabled when selecting dates for touchpoints.

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