Your user profile is where you can setup your account for outreach and decide how your information will show up to prospects.
Here, you can setup things like:

  • Profile picture & Password

  • Email Signature & Integration

  • Dialer & Contact Numbers

To navigate to your User Settings, hover over your name in the top right and navigate to the 'User Settings' page to update your profile settings.

Profile Pictures

2. You can add a picture to the profile Avatar by clicking on it and selecting the picture you'd like to share. Your profile picture only appears in the top right of your screen and on File Links that you share with prospects, along with your contact info.


Your Email signature is automatically added to every email you send from the platform. If you already have one, you can simply copy and paste it into the text editor.

Add your Calendly, Google Calendar, etc. link to this section. You'll be able to share this in all of your outreach and templates using the "Meeting URL" merge tag.


Your timezone setting applies to all times displayed by the 20 Miles system. From meeting templates, to scheduled emails, to workflow tasks, the timing is based upon your time zone. We recommend adding the appropriate time zone to the title of all of your meeting templates to avoid confusion.
From the 'User Settings' page, navigate to the Profile and you will see the Timezone setting. You'll be able to update your timezone by clicking on the drop-down menu. [GIF]

Dialing code

Just beneath the Timezone, user can update their default dialing country code in this field.

From the drop down navigate to the dialing code that you would like for your default settings.

Click "Update Profile" to save all the settings.

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