Once you've uploaded a file, creating file links is simple. If you haven't uploaded any files yet, you can see how to do so in our previous help article.

  1. First, navigate to the "Create File Link" tab in the Engage Section.

  2. Create a title for your file link and select one of your uploaded files after clicking "Add file(s) to your link"
    - Note: you can add multiple files to the same link.

  3. Click save to finish.

File links come with a variety of features and options displayed on the right panel. For example, the Roll-Call feature allows you to require users to input their contact information, so you can know who showed how much interest.

After the file link is created, you can send them via email or share them anywhere you'd normally share a link. When your prospect receives the email and clicks the link, they will be able to view the files shared as well as their file names.

Once you've shared a link, you can track page-by-page engagement (how many times each page was viewed, and for how long) from the "File Links" Tab in the Engage section, as seen below.

  • You can also easily send a file link here using the "E-mail" button next to the link.

The files are downloadable provided that the sender has given the option to download. You can further use pass-codes, email alerts and expire links as per your needs.

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