Note: 20 Miles Engage is not included with the trial by default. Please email or message the team to request access to these features.

20 Miles Engage allows you to track engagement on files shared with your prospects. Currently, We Support The Following Formats:


  • PDFs

  • Powerpoints (.ppt, .pptx)

  • Word Documents (.doc, .docx)

  • Tet file (.txt)

  • Zip file (.zip)

Images & Video:


  • MP4

Apple Formats:

  • Apple Pages

  • Apple Numbers

  • Apple Keynote

  • Videos (mp4)

Setting Up File Tracking

You'll need to upload your sales collateral before you can generate file links that you can share with prospects.

  1. Start by navigating to the "Engage" page from the sidebar and Click “Files”.
    - You can preview your files in their entirety here, as well as re-order their pages or slides.

  2. Click on "Add Files" and select the file you want to upload. Files are typically processed within 2-3 minutes.
    - Optionally, you can also create folders to organize your files.

After the file is processed, the preview is shown as below:

Learn how to create and track File Links in our next article!

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