Importing New Contacts to Buckets

After creating a bucket, you'll be able to import contacts. (Keep in mind that if your bucket is already connected to a workflow, imported contacts will be added automatically.)

  1. First, select the bucket in which you want to import contacts.

  2. Click Import Contact and upload the Excel/CSV file which you want to import.

Once you've previewed the imported data, Click 'Continue'. You'll receive an email within 2-3 minutes when the import is complete.

Adding Existing Contacts to Buckets

You can also add existing contacts to your buckets.

  1. After selecting the desired Bucket, click 'Add Contacts'.

  2. A list of your saved contacts will appear. Select as many as contact you want, then click add.

If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to add a workflow to your bucket to import contacts and generate tasks!

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