Using Buckets, you can segment your contacts according to your own lead data or according to engagement. Adding a workflow to a bucket will automatically add contacts in that bucket to the workflow. (Depending on how many contacts the workflow is set to reach per day.)

By default you have two generic Buckets in the "Shared" domain: New Leads Not Contacted and Current Clients. (Feel free to change them to private) If you already have segments in your contacts, we recommend you setup buckets for them before you add the actual contacts.

Setting up Buckets

  • Navigate to the "Buckets" page from the sidebar navigation and Click “Create New Bucket”.

  • Give it a name and make sure to set the bucket as 'Shared' or 'Private'. Set the Goal of Bucket and Click Save. You can add a workflow now if you'd like, but you can always add it later.

  • Shared Buckets - Although everyone in your account will be able to see and access contacts in a shared bucket, contacts added to a shared bucket with a workflow will only be added to the bucket creator's workflow. If you're typically assigned or delivered leads, this is the perfect way to have prospects directly to a workflow.

Once you've created your bucket(s), you can use an Excel or CSV file to import contacts.

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